Administrator/Principal for Greater Lisbon Christian Academy

Dates needed
2021-2022 School Year
The Position

The Greater Lisbon Christian Academy (GLCA) is seeking an experienced educator, administrator, or principal to oversee the staff and operations. GLCA is a K-12 school with a student body of approximately 50 students from a dozen or more countries. Some of our students are children of missionaries. Others are international students who are not from Christian families but come to us desiring an English education. As the School Administrator/Principal, you can educate, evangelize, and disciple all in one place.

Experience in K-12 education is required. Experience and/or training in administration would be helpful. The applicant should have at least some experience in leading a staff.

As the School Administrator/Principal, you will have oversight over the daily operations of the school including: staff, relationships with parents, schedules, curriculum, spending, and facilities.

GLCA is located in Lisbon, Portugal and has a magnificent view of the city. GLCA is operated by ABWE Portugal and is a member school of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

The Need

Portugal is a beautiful land with a rich history. Its people are friendly…and lost. The Portuguese Evangelical Alliance estimates that only 0.4% of the population is evangelical! Years of Roman Catholic domination, plus waves of cults and the lure of materialism have taken their toll. The average Portuguese person has a hole in his heart, yet seems inoculated against the message of Christ. What he/she needs is to see Christ lived out in another person.

In this context, ABWE Portugal has planted and graduated seven churches in the past 20+ years, built the Lisbon Training Center, the Greater Lisbon Christian Academy, and has also established a deaf ministry. ABWE missionaries continue to operate the school, plant churches, and more. Working as an ABWE missionary, you’ll be part of a team to advance the Kingdom using your gifts and experience.

The Impact

The opportunity to make a spiritual impact through Christian Education in Portugal is great. Many of the missionary families who send their children to our school were either drawn to or remain in Portugal because of GLCA. Through your service, you’ll enable teammates and other tent-makers to serve the community, evangelize, and build relationships with unbelievers with the goal of sharing the hope of Christ.

As GLCA Administrator/Principal, you will have the opportunity to make disciples of students from countries where traditional missionaries would have a difficult, if not impossible, time entering. For example, we have students from Nepal, Egypt and Pakistan. Since 2001, we have seen more than 15 students trust Christ as Savior. Many others have been discipled and grown in both their walk with Christ and understanding of Biblical truth.

As GLCA Administrator/Principal, you will also have the opportunity to impact the staff. You can encourage and help equip these great people for their present and future ministries.

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