The Position

Our team is looking to have an accountant or finance worker come to the field and manage the field finances and facilitate the various ministries.

The Need

In the Gambia, most people have never heard of Jesus Christ. About 90% of the Gambia’s two million people are Muslim, and evangelical believers make up less than one percent of the population. While English is the official national language of the Gambia, most unreached people groups speak the Wolof language. To minister to their spiritual needs, a willingness to learn their language and culture is necessary.

Although there are challenging barriers to missions in the Gambia, the rewards are great. Equipped with Bible resources in the Wolof language, people are responding to the message of Jesus Christ! God has opened doors to serve as a missionary in the Gambia, and we are in of more workers—will you help us introduce more people to the love of Jesus?

The Impact

Your administration and accounting skills can help us reach more people with the gospel. When you think of the mission field, we’re sure that you’re more likely to think of preaching and rural villages than filing cabinets and accounting software. But at ABWE, we know that there is a place on the mission field for every person and every skill. From our hospitals and Christian schools to our camps and business ministries, our life-changing ministries need your organizational skills and support.

Due to COVID-19, travel requirements for trips originating from the US vary by location. To learn more, contact us at go@abwe.org. We’d love to talk to you!

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