Saint Thomas

The Spiritual Need in Saint Thomas

As is the case in most Caribbean countries, Christianity is the predominant religion in Saint Thomas. There is a strong Roman Catholic presence, but the island’s Danish colonial heritage is reflected in this community dominated by Protestants, who make up 59 percent of the population.

A few of the islands in the Caribbean were first reached with the gospel through Moravian believers who came from Europe about 300 years ago. History seems to move in cycles, and the Caribbean is now at the point where the enthusiasm and faith of those first European missionaries is begging to break out.

ABWE in Saint Thomas

Bluewater Bible College has been training young Caribbean believers to serve the Lord in local church ministries as well as in education for more than 5 decades, and ABWE is proud to be a part of this program.

This college was established in the early 1960’s by a team of godly American missionaries and Caribbean believers as a strong platform to spread the gospel in Saint Thomas and to neighboring islands. Over the years, Bluewater Bible College has produced powerful preachers who know how to share and teach the Word of God, and many of them are planted throughout this region today. This college is recognized and loved by many Caribbean believers and churches because of the impact it has had on so many countries. The potential to continue and even increase that impact is huge. In response, the BBC leadership team is currently upgrading everything at BBC — from the curriculum and teaching methods to grounds and buildings — in hopes of sending out a new generation of energetic Christians with the vision to impact the world for Christ and continue this movement.

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