“So now Italy lies, half-dead, waiting to see who will heal her wounds ... You can see the country is praying to God to send someone to save her ... You can see she is ready and willing to march beneath a flag, if only someone would raise one up." -Niccolò Macchiavelli, The Prince

The Spiritual Need in Italy

Largely untouched by the Protestant Reformation, Italy has never seen widespread biblical revival. And while the Roman Catholic Church embodies Italian identity, Italians are increasingly cynical about the church. Eighty-two percent of Italians profess to be Christian, but only 3 percent practice their faith and only 1 percent claim to be evangelical.

ABWE in Italy

Since ABWE arrived in Italy in 1990, the team has focused on establishing local, independent churches through Bible studies, teaching theology, teaching English, coaching sports teams, and participating in local groups and clubs. We've learned that successful ministry in Italy requires a modern-day approach to relationship building, training, and evangelism and discipleship.

Our newest ministry work, underway north of the city of Turin, is redefining how our missionaries attempt to impact mainstream society. Here, we use charitable work, community building and the creation of more accessible and mobile-friendly gospel content to reach the Italian people — since literature and Bible distribution have proven largely ineffective.

These initiatives are forging important connections with people and have led to multiple evangelistic Bible study groups.

With the pressures of spiritual antagonism and apathy toward the gospel, the challenges in Italy are great. We need missionaries with spiritual stamina, emotional maturity, and godly faith willing to partner with us in loving the Italian people, and participate in a grassroots church-planting efforts.

We’d love to get to know you and discuss how God is calling you.