Why Every College Student Should Take a Missions Trip

College can be overwhelming. You have classes, a job, a social life and maybe even other clubs, sports teams or music groups that you’re involved with. But everything you’re working toward is ultimately in hopes of making an eternal impact in the world. How do you do it all? Why not dedicate your summer or an entire semester serving others and exploring cross-cultural missions through a ministry-based internship specifically designed for college students?

Student mission trips and internships are a great way for you to live out your faith and help others come to know Christ while determining what “next steps” you might take after graduation. Here are three reasons why students should consider taking college mission trips:

To Build Relationships

Mission trips and internships will help you build relationships with missionary teammates and the people you’re ministering to, seeing how they work and live, while giving you the opportunity to explore the idea of how you may want to use your life after graduation to serve in the Great Commission.

To Get Outside Your Comfort Zones

College mission trips allow you to practice doing evangelism and discipleship outside of your comfort zones. Though you're comfortable going to your own church and talking with your friends, getting out and spreading the gospel with other cultures and worldviews could take your faith a step further and helps you to see how well you might do in cross-cultural ministry.

To Experience Another Culture

Missions internships allow you to immerse yourself in another culture and can open your eyes and heart to the ways God might use you in cross-cultural ministry.

ABWE Missions Opportunities for College Students

At ABWE, we have several options for college students looking to get involved with mission trips. From our intensive student track program to our laid-back 24-Hour DEMO, we have options for everyone interested in missions. Whether you think you’d like to make a career as a missionary or just want to explore the idea of missions in your free time, ABWE can help.

If you’re not sure how God may be calling you to missions, check out our guide for students to learn more about how you can start your journey. Fill out our student application to be considered for one of our programs and please contact us if you have questions.