A Touch from the Great Physician

Little Ida was skin and bones — emaciated, dehydrated, and literally starving to death. ABWE missionary nurse, Sarah Damick, ordered blood work and ran other tests but was still unable to diagnose any medical problems beyond severe dehydration.

After inserting a stomach tube, Ida’s temperature spiked to dangerous levels and pneumonia filled her lungs. Suddenly, Sarah remembered a nutrient-rich sports drink a member of her home church sent her to help treat patients at her clinic in The Gambia. Desperate, she began pumping the drink through Ida’s stomach tube, praying for God to heal the little girl. Slowly, Ida’s temperature began to drop, her eyes flutter open and, for the first time, Sarah knew the child would survive.

Mere hours later, Sarah removed the stomach tube and Ida sipped from a cup unassisted. By God’s grace, Sarah saved Ida’s life. A week later, Ida’s mom brought her back to see Sarah and thank her for her help.

Sarah was able to share with her about the Great Physician, who deserves all our gratitude.

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