Top 5 Reasons to Consider Short-Term Missions

Christian mission trips have always been an incredible opportunity for people who are interested in spreading the gospel beyond their community.

Our short-term missions trips vary in purpose—from providing relief and practical assistance in humanitarian and medical situations, to helping those with a heart for missions discern God’s will for their lives by exposing them to a field or ministry where they believe they may potentially be called to serve.

Our most common short-term mission trips come in several forms:

Here are the top five reasons you should consider a short-term missions trip in 2019:

You’ll Use Your Gifts

Short-term missions trips are a way to use your gifts and talents in an international missions context to help bring God’s hope and love to those you are serving. Your skills can go a long way to encourage and revitalize teams, or provide extra manpower and meet critical needs in ministries that are short-staffed or responding to an unexpected crisis in their community.

You’ll See Your Role in The Great Commission

Our goal is that ABWE’s short-term missions trips to help you determine how God may be calling you to participate in His command to “Go, make disciples of all nations.” We work in more than 84 countries, giving you plenty of options for where you can serve alongside our established teams to fulfill Christ’s command in short-term missions—as an intern, a medical missionary, a short-term missionary, or a construction volunteer with our project office.

You’ll Broaden Your Perspective

On your short-term mission trip, you’ll broaden your perspectives of other cultures and work alongside nationals and our missionary teams, seeing how our vision of raising up Christian leaders, and starting missions-minded churches plays out through education, art, healthcare, camping, aviation, construction projects, and so many other types of ministries.

You Can Test the Waters

No matter how much you want to spread the gospel, going on missions trips isn’t for everyone. Some of us participate in the Great Commission by going and some of us participate by giving. All of us can support missions through prayer. Short-term missions allow you to see if career-based missions are a right fit for you, or if you can participate in missions another way.

You’re Challenging Yourself

Traveling somewhere out of your comfort zone is can be an incredible step in determining God’s call on your life, and exploring the ways you could bring hope and healing to a dying world. Even when you get to the field cultural barriers, varied worldviews and language difficulties may test your faith. Short-term mission trips give you the opportunity to discover how you respond to the stress of missions while discerning how the Holy Spirit may work through you to leave an impact on the world.

At ABWE, our mission is to support our missionaries on their journey to starting relevant, effective, adaptable and creative ministries all over the world. With our more than 90 years of experience and presence in more than 84 countries, we want to help train and prepare you for whatever type of missionary trip you’re taking. We encourage you to prayerfully consider one of our short-term missions opportunities, especially if you’re considering embarking on long-term or career-based missions!

If you’re interested in serving, fill out our form to request more information. Join our more than 1,000 other missionaries in sharing the gospel worldwide today.

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