Top 3 Misconceptions About Short-Term Mission Trips

When you embark on a mission trip and share the Gospel with other cultures in new parts of the world, you demonstrate obedience to God and His calling on your life. There are many people who hadn’t heard the Gospel or didn’t believe in God and His redemptive plan, who have been changed and saved because of the work of missions.

Unfortunately, misunderstandings about short-term mission trips and their ability to be highly impactful and even life-changing abound. To successfully continue sharing the Gospel with thousands of people globally, we wanted to address some of the myths surrounding short-term missions trip, like those offered at ABWE.

Myth #1: Short-Term Missions Aren’t Impactful

Impacting someone’s life for eternity doesn’t always require years of investment. Any time an individual is able to share the Gospel; a seed can be planted, watered or rooted deeper. For some hearers of the Good News, it may require only a single resonating line of Scripture or an impactful testimonial to turn their heart to the truth. A relationship with God can be established in one encounter and short-term mission trips can be one way to reach people who’ve never accepted and embraced Jesus as their Savior.

Myth #2: Missionaries Are No Longer Needed

It’s a common misconception that missionaries are no longer necessary when financial aid and donations are available instead. At ABWE, we have developed a model that focuses on sending missionaries who are trained and equipped to not only share the Gospel but who desire to disciple the national believers to become missionaries themselves—so that the work of missions becomes an international effort. When believers all around the world are starting churches with a heart for reaching the lost, the impact of missionaries is multiplied. We believe missionaries can serve as a spark for missions around the world! While believers have preached the word of God for centuries, the call of the Great Commission is not complete until the whole world hears.

Myth #3: Short-Term Missions Do More Harm Than Good

As stated in Mark 16:15, one must “go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.” As a missionary you can meet the physical needs of the suffering; train national believers to lead their own churches; provide theological education to strengthen the local church, or build relationships with people who need hope. When done well, and in culturally-appropriate ways, the relationships and impact missionaries have are enumerable. On a short-term mission, you have the ability to play a part in God’s eternal plan for the world, bringing support and manpower to ministries around the world who are looking for teammates to join them.

Find Your Calling

Don’t let the common myths you’ve heard keep you from fulfilling God’s plan and purpose for your life — especially if you feel called to missions work. Whether you embark on the missions field for a few weeks or several years, the trip will not only impact others for the Kingdom, it can change you.