Sharing God’s Love in the Middle East

Noor* was an obstinate worker in a clothing factory run by an ABWE ministry team in the Middle East. She was rude, stole things, treated the other workers badly, acted like a child when she didn’t get her way and resisted the team at every turn. But the team kept praying and trying to reach her.

In hopes of chipping away at her hostility, ABWE national partners Maysa* and her husband decided to visit Noor. Surprisingly, Noor welcomed them in. Her daughter was sick and Noor had seen the impact of Maysa’s and her husband’s prayers after one of their previous visits. Noor tried to reproduce their results by going to a local Muslim leader, but it hadn’t helped, so she asked Maysa to pray for her daughter and do her “magic” again.

Maysa used the opportunity to explain that they didn’t have any power within themselves, but that because of Jesus, she and her husband had a relationship and an audience with God.

The idea intrigued Noor, and she began to think about what Maysa said.

God was working in her heart, but Noor still had a lot of questions. She met again with Maysa and her husband, and they spent four hours discussing scripture and sharing the key events of the Bible. Finally, Maysa felt it was time and she led the once resistant and hostile woman to Christ.

When Maysa visited Noor four days later, the change was miraculous.

“I am new! I don’t even know who I am anymore. Everything is different, and there is a peace that I’ve never felt before,” said Noor. Then, she asked, “Why did you stay with me? I was evil to you.”

“It wasn’t us that was staying with you. We have nothing good to offer,” Maysa said. “It is all because of Jesus living inside us and giving us a relationship with God that allows us to do and be good. We prayed for you all the time, and God wouldn’t let us leave you.”

“Tell me who else you are praying for,” Noor replied. “I want to tell them about Jesus.”

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