Proclaiming Truth During Adversity

Mensa, a leader of an ABWE-planted church in Togo, was overjoyed when he learned his wife was pregnant with twins. But during the delivery his joy quickly turned to horror when his wife started bleeding to death and lost consciousness.

Mensa knew his wife needed medical attention and pleaded with his frightened neighbors to help him take her to the local hospital. They mocked his urgent request and told Mensa that his dying wife could only be saved by the village witch doctor.

With his wife slowly slipping away in his arms, Mensa boldly proclaimed his belief in the one true God. He told his neighbors that God was in control and his wife’s life was in His hands, not the witch doctor’s. Then he rushed her to the hospital.

Mensa’s wife made a full recovery, and she and their new twins were back in their village within a week. To celebrate, the church held a special service where the babies were publicly dedicated to God, and afterward they had a feast of ram’s meat and sang praises to Jesus.

"What a testimony it was to that village!" said Mensa’s mentor Jim Gerhart, an ABWE missionary working in Togo. "There were more than 100 people there. It was a wonderful proclamation of God’s love and faithfulness."