New Life for Santiago, Chile

Marta* came to Santiago, Chile, in hope of leaving her destructive decisions behind. She was fleeing an abusive home in Colombia, but to her bitter disappointment, her drug use, alcoholism and promiscuity continued despite her sincere attempts to start a new life.

At the recommendation of a friend, Marta began listening to radio broadcasts of a Chilean pastor. She wondered if his message was true: Could God really love her so much that He would sacrifice His only son?

Marta tracked the pastor down and found New Life Baptist Church, a body of believers led by Chilean nationals along with ABWE missionaries, Dave and Ruth Ann Rogers and Duane and Linda Cross.

After the service, she attended a small Bible study where she opened up about her past and the unfulfilling ways she sought happiness.

That Sunday was the start of a new life for Marta as she turned to Jesus and found His love, forgiveness and acceptance. Now, she speaks boldly about her relationship with Christ and has invited several friends to church so that they, too, can discover a new life in Jesus.

*Name changed for privacy