It’s Never Too Late For The Gospel

Tandjom* arrived at our Hospital of Hope in West Africa with terminal cancer — but she was not beyond hope.

As she lay in intensive care, our hospital ministry team discovered Tandjom had never heard of Jesus or the Bible, so they found a short audio message in her local dialect.

She listened intently as the audio explained the trap of fetish worship, the origin of sin, the salvation Jesus offered, and how we can receive salvation.

Then, when the audio concluded with a song that thanked God for Jesus’ sacrifice, Tandjom instinctually raised her frail hands toward God and sang along.

“She was never taught what to do, but her natural response was to raise her hands to God and worship,” said missionary Josh Farver. “It was one of the purest displays of worship I have ever seen.”

When the song ended, Tandjom began to pray and declared Christ as her Lord and Savior.

On her deathbed, Tandjom received new life.