Hope House

ABWE Missionaries Ed and Darlene Weber recently opened the doors to the Hope House for Girls, a haven for needy girls in eastern Thailand.

The seed for the home was planted when Ed and Darlene discovered that there were no children's homes in their entire province and their town had some of the most severe cases of child abuse and neglect. They immediately felt God calling them to expand their ministry to help these at-risk children, and God quickly turned their dream into a reality. God provided enough funds in 10 months to purchase a piece of land and start building, and this summer, the Hope House celebrated its grand opening.

“The Hope House for Girls stands as a testament to God’s miraculous provision,” said Ed. “It is amazing to see what God can do when He gives a vision, when He touches people’s hearts, and when the Holy Spirit unites God’s people toward a common goal.”

Not only did God provide the funding, but He also provided miraculous support from government officials in a 95 percent Buddhist country. Several local officials attended the Hope House’s dedication service to show their support for this new ministry, where up to 12 at-risk girls will be cared for and shown Christ’s love daily.