Bringing the Gospel to the Workplace

Rebecca first noticed the gnawing emptiness in her heart shortly after her desk was moved next to Kevin, a Christian colleague at her Sydney-based technology firm.

Born and raised in China, Rebecca learned to value professional success above all else and to view religion, especially Christianity, as a crutch for the weak. Yet the more she talked with Kevin, the more intrigued she became. Not only was Kevin a hard worker and an insightful friend, he possessed a peacefulness she had never encountered before.

So when he invited her to attend a seminar discussing the Bible in their company’s lunchroom, she took the opportunity to learn more about Christianity.

The seminar was unlike anything Rebecca had experienced before. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed as several dozen employees gathered to hear ABWE missionary Russell Matthews describe God’s love for humanity and His plan for redemption. Russell encouraged the attendees to participate in the dialogue with questions or comments, and he answered each one using examples from the Bible.

Suddenly, Rebecca realized two things: The peace Kevin possessed was because of God, and she wanted it.

“It wasn’t until Kevin brought her along that she saw what she didn’t have — but also what she could have through a relationship with Christ,” said Russell, who partners with City Bible Forum, an evangelism organization that reaches out to professionals in Australia’s major cities. “When Rebecca came to Christ, it was one of the first times she had ever experienced peace and wholeness in her life.”

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