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All the Things

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More Than Just Healthcare

International Healthcare Ministries operates through multiple facets to ensure our medical missionaries are healthy and equipped to effectively minister on their field.
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Storytellers Abroad: Brazil

A workshop uniquely designed for those with hands gifted in media and a heart geared to missions.
October 27-November 12, 2020
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ABWE Short-Term Missionary Home Church Certification

This form certifies the local church endorsement of short-term missionary applicants.
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Running For Her Life

You should never have to treat a two-year-old for a gunshot wound. But there the toddler lay, bleeding and scared—struck in the hand by the bullet that also killed her father.
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Covenant Eyes Communities Membership

A Covenant Eyes Community is a network of Covenant Eyes accounts linked together. This provides a platform enabling organizations to quickly deploy Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability to a large number of people. Learn how ABWE is partnering with Covenant Eyes to protect yourself and your family online.
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