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Bringing the Gospel to the Workplace

How one missionary is working to reach Australian professionals at their workplace.
Resource type: Story

Ebola Outbreak Update

August 6, 2014
ABWE evacuates Liberia team due to devastating Ebola outbreak
Resource type: Announcement

Bringing the Next Generation to Christ

Paardeberg Mountain Retreat provides year-round, Bible-based discipleship for more than 25 churches that serve all of South Africa’s five distinct cultural groups: African Malaysians, white English-speaking, Afrikaans (Dutch dialect), Xhosa tribal people and Indians.
Resource type: Story

Sharing God’s Love in the Middle East

When kindness meets hostility in the Middle East, only the power of prayer can open hearts.
Resource type: Story

Sifa Threads: Empowering At-Risk Women

How a microenterprise ministry is changing the lives and bringing dignity to single mothers in Tanzania.
Resource type: Story

ABWE Missionaries Evacuated From Ukraine

March 25, 2014
ABWE evacuates missionary team from Ukraine as tensions rise
Resource type: Announcement