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Saved To Serve

How time on the basketball court turned into a life-changing adventure into missions for one Brazilian.
Resource type: Story

Short-Term Healthcare Ministry FAQs

Get answers to some of the frequently asked questions about serving short-term with with ABWE's medical ministry.
Resource type: Document

ABWE Pilot Qualifications

Learn the requirements to be a missionary pilot with ABWE.
Resource type: Document

Faith in Flight

Lucas' alcoholic father died when Lucas was just a boy, leaving him in the care of a mother deeply trapped in religious superstition.
Resource type: Story

Falling from Grace

God uses a tragic accident to fill a brokenhearted orphan with joy and bring him into His family.
Resource type: Story

A Touch from the Great Physician

Little Ida was skin and bones — emaciated, dehydrated, and literally starving to death.
Resource type: Story

Where Will I Go When I Die?

At 84-years-old, Balbina knew she didn’t have much time left on this earth, and a troubling question began gnawing at her — “Where will I go when I die?”
Resource type: Story

Ukraine Crisis: Compassion on the Frontlines

Exploring the ways ABWE and the Ukrainian church are working to open hearts to Christ's hope during these uncertain times of war and tragedy
Resource type: Story

Proclaiming Truth During Adversity

A Togolese man boldly declares his faith as he puts his dying pregnant wife in God's hands.
Resource type: Story

Equipping Papua New Guineans to Carry the Gospel

In Papua New Guinea, many people believe the spirits of their ancestors control the world and must be appeased through dark and violent rituals. But in the face of this darkness, God is calling the people of Papua New Guinea to Himself.
Resource type: Story

Bringing the Gospel to the Workplace

How one missionary is working to reach Australian professionals at their workplace.
Resource type: Story

Ebola Outbreak Update

August 6, 2014
ABWE evacuates Liberia team due to devastating Ebola outbreak
Resource type: Announcement