Update Your Giving Page

Our website features a directory of missionaries and projects. You can help improve your donors' giving experience by doing two things:

  1. Fill out this form for you and for each ministry that you take in donations for.
  2. Direct your donors to your giving page in our giving directory.

*Updates to your profile will not be automatic. Please allow our team time to process your request.*

Knowing any other names you go by will help us optimize your page to appear in search results. (For example, if your names are Matthew and Jennifer, you might want supporters to find your page under search terms like “Matt” and “Jen” in addition to your full names.)
This should include a short description of your ministry. Limit 70 characters.
This should include where you serve and a slightly longer description of your ministry. Please write in third person (avoid I, we, us, etc).
Include a video in your profile by submitting the YouTube or Vimeo URL.
Would you like a personal giving link to use in your materials, like Please let us know what to use (match it with other websites if possible)
Please provide the full file path/URL of the photo you would like us to use. We recommend using a shareable URL from an external file sharing service like OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, or Google Drive. If you cannot provide a URL, you can skip this field and email directly with your image sent as an attachment.