Storytellers Abroad: Brazil



Are you passionate about what you do? Do you feel God calling you to use your camera to help further the Gospel? Have you ever wondered how to get started?

Then this workshop is for you—specially designed to answer the question, “How do I combine my love for photography (or media software, or design work, or...) with my passion for missions?”

Storytellers Abroad: Missions Multimedia Workshop takes you to the heart of missions by taking you to the hearts of people. People whose lives have been changed by the gospel. People who have a story to tell.

Whether your passion is for photography, design, video production, social media, or writing, the key to effectively using those tools lies in your ability to get to the heart of the story.


Our coaches are world-class missions storytellers. They will help you produce your own video story of a life that has been impacted by the ministry of ABWE in that country. Because each workshop participant is producing their own story, you can benefit from your own experience and skill set as you apply them to your project. You will also be challenged to build complementary skill sets in areas that are new to you, and raise the bar on the skills you already bring to the table.

This isn't just another video storytelling workshop. Through it all, the focus is MISSIONS. Although we take the technical training to a high level, our ultimate goal is to:

  • Produce a narrative story, which engages the audience to give, go and/or pray for missions.
  • Show you how your skills can make a difference for the gospel, and
  • Give you steps to move forward in developing a career in missions communications.


  • Days 1-3 – Training at ABWE’s International Headquarters in Harrisburg, PA
  • Day 4 – Travel as a team to overseas workshop location
  • Days 5-14 – Story Production, working with instructors and missionary teams on location
    • Each day will involve instruction on the next step in the production process, followed by you going out to shoot, record, or edit that phase of your project. Working one-on-one with an instructor, you will then review your work, building each step of the production process.
  • Days 15-17 – Return to ABWE’s International Headquarters for final editing steps, and a Grand Premier Event to showcase your project

TOTAL COST: TBD (How do I pay for this?)


  • Air travel & incidentals
  • Housing (hotel in Harrisburg, varies overseas)
  • All meals
  • Transportation
  • Translators
  • Workshop expenses
  • Use of media equipment and software