Situational Leadership®

ABWE Missionaries
Every April and November

Developed by leadership experts Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard nearly 50 years ago, Situational Leadership® is the most widely taught leadership model in the world, and its leadership style is embraced by many of the world’s most successful organizations.

Situational Leadership® teaches four core leadership competencies:

  • Diagnose: “Understand the situation they are trying to influence”
  • Adapt: “Adjust their behavior in response to the contingencies of the situation”
  • Communicate: “Interact with others in a manner they can understand and accept”
  • Advance: “Manage the movement”

Taught by our own certified trainers at the ABWE Home Office near Harrisburg, PA, Situational Leadership® is the perfect fit for missionaries, team leaders, and anyone with a desire to improve their leadership skills.

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ABWE Missionaries
Every May and November
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