Medical Missions Trip to Ukraine

Spring 2018 (TBA)

On this trip, you will bring hope to impoverished villages that have little access to medical care and the message of the gospel.

Trip Description

Thirty percent of Ukraine’s population lives in destitute villages with no running water, minimal electricity, horrible roads, and a lack of access to healthcare. Less than 3 percent identify as evangelical believers. We have an incredible opportunity to share the love and hope of Jesus with those we serve. This is a culture resistant to the true Gospel in a country guaranteeing religious freedom.

During the first week of the trip, we will travel to villages every day to meet medical needs and share the gospel. If the team can stay for a second week, we will visit churches in eastern Ukraine that serve thousands of people displaced by war.

Join us in making a difference in Ukraine!


If you meet our qualifications for short-term team service and are in agreement with ABWE's Doctrinal Statement, please apply here.