Message from the Presidential Search Committee

October 16, 2017

On behalf of the Presidential Search Committee, I want to thank you for your faithful prayers, encouragement, suggestions, and overall support as we have sought to faithfully complete the task of discovering the person God would have to become the next president of ABWE.

Throughout the process, we have been aware of both the urgency and gravity of our task. We persevered through the process, encouraged by continual evidence of God’s hand throughout the greater ABWE world.

We were confident that God had a Nehemiah somewhere—someone who was knowledgeable of ABWE's challenges and yet deeply concerned to lead ABWE into a better future.

We were encouraged by the number of potential candidates who were willing to enter the vetting process simply to discern the will of God as to whether he would desire for them to lead ABWE. Some, after prayer, did not believe God was leading them to be vetted. Incredibly all expressed a love for ABWE and hope for the future! The humble response of those whom the Committee informed they were no longer being vetted was encouraging.

We wanted someone who would inspire our missionaries, communicate and relate well with churches and donors, and further develop and unify the international headquarters staff.

While we know our new president isn't perfect, we have seen him display himself as a leader and a learner. We believe he will be a president with vision and the leadership skills to develop and work with the board, staff, churches, donors, and missionaries to—by the grace of God—lead the ABWE family into an expanding fruitful future.

—Dr. Charles Ware, ABWE Board and Presidential Search Committee

P.S. I would also like to acknowledge that we had an extraordinary team with a diversity of gifts working through this process. Please join me in thanking these humble servants who worked well as a team with a collective dependency upon God to discern the next president of ABWE.

This team included: Al Cockrell | Charles Ware | Dave Southwell | Jim Geurink | Josh Daggett | Lisa Strasko | Stephen Douglas | Wendy Perez-Contreras