Non-Cash Gifts

We are always excited to hear the unusual, creative, and innovative ways God uses to help meet the financial needs for our missionaries.

Non-cash donations could include:

  • Computer, office equipment or supplies
  • Literature and books
  • Automobiles
  • Tools and building supplies
  • Stocks, bonds and securities
  • Professional services
  • Reduced-price merchandise or property
  • Rent-free or reduced-priced housing

To be considered tax-deductible, a non-cash gift must be an item that could be purchased with mission funds and controlled by mission policies. Gifts of equipment or other goods used for solely personal purposes are not tax deductible. Some non-cash gifts are not deductible for other reasons.

Contact our Director of Planned Giving or our Donor Services Department for assistance in making non-cash donations and to learn the specific tax incentives and IRS rules that may apply.