Field Prep Seminar

Field Preparation Seminar (FPS) is an invitation-only training for our prefield missionaries that is held twice a year in April and November. This seminar focuses on:

  • Making the transition to the mission field
  • Major adjustments to living in another culture
  • Adapting to the existing ABWE field team


Prefielders must communicate with their ABWE training coach regarding the appropriate seminar date they should attend. Final approval will be granted by their coach in consultation with the director of the Prefield Department and ABWE's Missionary Finance. Cases where support requirements are "border line" will be evaluated by these departments. The deadline for receiving approval to attend FPS is two weeks prior to the start of the seminar.

Prefield missionaries who attend FPS but don't depart for the field within one year will be required to attend FPS again.​

Before you register for FPS please read the participation requirements:

  • You have completed your prefield development (PFD) assignments and are prepared to discuss each in a knowledgeable manner.
  • Your support commitments that show you have 85 percent of your required support.
  • You will commit the time to attend all sessions and be on time.
  • You will participate with a humble, learning spirit.

Exceptions to these requirements are only made in dire emergencies. If your circumstances do not allow you to be completely focused on the FPS at this time, we encourage you to choose a later date to attend.


If you understand these expectations regarding FPS participation and believe that you have met the requirements, please email your ABWE training coach, Dave Hamrick and Brad Winkler stating your interest in attending FPS.

If you are approved to attend FPS you will receive a letter of invitation from your coach containing the online registration link. The registration deadline is two weeks prior to the start of FPS.