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Where Are the Men? Danny Akin on Mobilizing Students for Missions

How can we motivate students to pursue missions, and where are all the young men? Dr. Danny Akin of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary answers.

Where are all the qualified, seminary-educated young men in the missions world? How can a Bible college or seminary maximize its potential to mobilize students for the work of the Great Commission? Where is the modern missions movement going? This week we’re joined by Dr. Danny Akin, president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, author, scholar, and passionate missions-mobilizer.

Dr. Akin is the sixth president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and has been serving in the role since 2004. Known as an advocate for international missions and expository preaching, he also has a reputation as a faithful husband and father and genuine man of God. Akin and his wife Charlotte have four sons, three daughters-in-law, and 12 grandchildren. You can follow Dr. Akin on Twitter or email him.

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