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When a Gospel-Centered Home Produces Missionary Children

Growing up in a gospel-centered home laid the foundation for Patrick Tayne’s calling to missions.
Far too often, deep roots in one’s family, friends, parents, and church are an obstacle to those who sense God’s calling overseas.

But for Patrick Tayne, it was growing up in a gospel-centered home that laid the foundation for his later missionary service.

Of course, it wasn’t until high school that he said he began to truly understand what it meant to find his identity in Christ. “[And] I didn’t do too well at that off the start,” he said. But God provided a mentor to disciple Patrick through all four years of high school, which helped him get his life “back on track” and see what it looked like to live a life fully surrendered.

In 2011, Patrick headed to the University of North Texas to pursue his high school dream of music education. But during the summer between his freshman and sophomore years, God graciously revealed a different plan for his life through a missions trip to Alaska.

“From the moment I hit the ground [in Alaska], I knew that God was up to something beyond my imagination,” he said.

By the time he returned to Texas, Patrick knew God was calling him into full-time ministry. That calling only grew over the next three years as he sought God’s direction in how exactly that would play out in his life.

He completed his undergraduate studies and began seminary the following year, where he continues to work towards his Masters in Divinity. In this same season, God also led Patrick to a small, country church just outside of Dallas-Fort Worth to serve as a worship and youth pastor.

“God blessed me beyond measure [through that small church],” he said.

Late last year, Patrick sensed that God had a different assignment waiting for him in the future. Patrick once again began seeking where God was leading him. Then, last December, Patrick discovered ABWE and began a conversation.

“One step after another, God confirmed that this was the right path to come down, and [he has been] directing me every step of the way.”

Patrick completed his support-raising journey and deployed to Berlin earlier in 2019.

About the Author

Naomi Harward is an alumnus of Cedarville University and served as a communication specialist with ABWE and managing editor for Message Magazine.



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