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What Really Matters in Evangelism and Church Planting

Pastor and author Chad Vegas explains the importance of using methods grounded in Scripture.

Chad Vegas: Defining the ‘Proclamational Model’ (Part 2)

This week, we continue our conversation with Chad Vegas defining proclamation, outlining the dangers of pragmatism, and sketching a vision for a biblically-driven missiology.

Hear part one here.

Chad is the founding pastor of Sovereign Grace Church of Bakersfield, the founding board chairman of Radius International and Radius Theological Institute, and the founding board vice-chairman of Providence Classical Academy. He also serves as adjunct faculty for IRBS Theological Seminary and the Institute of Public Theology. He has been married to Teresa since 1994 and has two children.

You can purchase Alex and Chad’s new book, Missions by the Book: How Theology and Missions Walk Together, from Founders Press.

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