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What Happens When Missionaries Get Kicked Out? John Klaassen Answers

Dr. John Klaassen, President of Reaching and Teaching, discusses God’s sovereignty and closed ministry doors.

Missions always comes with risk, and nothing is guaranteed—especially in hostile, unreached contexts. What should missionaries do when they get kicked off the field? How should they adjust their own expectations when God closes ministry doors?

In this episode, John Klaassen shares his own powerful story and how he has drawn strength from grasping the sovereignty of God. Born in Colombia, Dr. Klaassen has 18 years of cross-cultural experience overseas in Europe and North Africa, and a further 9 years of experience teaching at Boyce College and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he will continue to teach in the field of missions and global studies. John lives with his wife, Shari, in the city of Louisville where they actively serve amongst Iraqi refugees through their church, Highview Baptist.

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