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What Is Happening to the Church in China?

Persecution is rising. What is God up to in China? Steve Schirmer, president of Silk Road Catalyst, answers.

What is God doing in China? Steve Schirmer Answers

The President of China was just appointed to lifelong office. Church buildings are being demolished. Cults are on the rise due to a lack of trained church leaders. What is God up to in China? Steve Schirmer, president and founder of Silk Road Catalyst, joins us to answer.

Steve is a missionary who has poured out his life out for the least-evangelized since 2000, and Silk Road Catalyst exists to multiply churches and disciples among gospel-deprived peoples in and from the Silk Road region. Steve was saved in 1995 and ministered for 17 years among the Han people, and continues to focus on the least-reached people of East Asia. He's also the co-founder and co-host of Missions Talk. Follow Steve on Twitter.

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