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Serve in Place: Missions in a Pandemic

With global travel restrictions in place, is it time to shift our focus away from the mission field?

Global travel restrictions are in place. Hordes of healthy people throughout the U.S. and abroad can’t even get to their local church service in-person—much less to the mission field. Should we temporarily shift our focus away from global missions during the current crisis? Scott Dunford and Alex Kocman explore this complex question in this exclusive conversation.

Announcement: In spite of the coronavirus, our T4G missions expert lunch panel, The Local Church and the Nations, will premiere on April 27. Hear from Paul Davis, Zane Pratt, Darren Carlson, Brooks Buser, John Klaassen, and more debating the important issues raised in Darren’s 2019 article on the meaning of the Great Commission. More details will be available here as they become available!

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