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The Resurrection and Mission With Dr. Tim Bertolet

Tim Bertolet explains why the resurrection of Jesus contains the power to transform the nations.

The Resurrection and Mission With Dr. Tim Bertolet

What does the resurrection of Jesus Christ mean for global missions? In this thought-provoking podcast, Tim Bertolet (Ph.D., University of Pretoria), initiatives strategist with ABWE, dives deep into the importance of the resurrection and its relationship with redemption, evangelism, and our future hope. With insightful analysis of key verses from 1 Corinthians, Romans, and Acts, Bertolet unpacks the theological and practical implications of Jesus’ resurrection, exploring how it establishes his victorious kingship, motivates us to evangelize, and imbues believers with the power of God. Ultimately, Bertolet encourages listeners to incorporate the message of the resurrection into their own evangelism efforts and to find hope and inspiration in the truth of Jesus' resurrection. See full show notes….

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The Resurrection Changed The World

ABWE has created a brand-new video course called The Resurrection, that is a Scripture study through the power of the resurrection of Jesus, displaying how it is both epoch turning and life transforming.

Join us as we thread together the elements of the resurrection through scripture and how they impact our lives today.


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