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Race, Evolution, and Missions

What are the connections between Darwinism and racism, and why is the gospel the only solution to partiality? Dr. Charles Ware answers.

If missionaries are to carry the gospel across cultural and national lines, it’s critical that they have a thoroughly biblical theology of race and ethnicity. And while much of modern progressive, secular culture repudiates anything remotely “racist,” Dr. Charles Ware explains why that wasn’t always the case. Secularism and Darwinism lie near the root of much contemporary racist ideology in the West, and only the biblical worldview offers a sound diagnosis of the sin of partiality and its gospel cure.

This week, Scott Dunford and Alex Kocman unpack this deep and profound topic with Dr. Ware, president emeritus of Crossroads Bible College and coauthor of One Race, One Blood with Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis. Charles also serves on the board of ABWE and with other organizations including ABHE (Association for Biblical Higher Education), Anchorsaway, and the Biblical Counseling Coalition. He is a sought-after speaker on racial reconciliation, counseling, and other topics relating to biblical worldview.

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