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Her Days Were Numbered

For the street children of São Paulo, each conversation could be their last chance to hear the gospel.
The street children of São Paulo, Brazil are forced to leave home at a young age following overwhelming physical or emotional abuse.

They turn to drugs and the sex trade as means of survival—living hour-by-hour scrounging for their next meal and huffing paint thinners to get high.

Their dreams of a better life are modest. Even to aspire to a job at a local market to get off the street is a stretch of the imagination for some.

That didn’t stop Jessica, an ABWE missionary, from asking one teenage girl named Veronica, “What are your dreams?”

Quiet, reserved, and addicted to drugs, Veronica was like most of the troubled youth with whom Jessica works each day. Jessica is a part of a local ministry providing for physical needs and offering the gospel to abandoned youth.

Veronica lit up at Jessica’s question.

“I want to be a singer,” she replied enthusiastically, forgetting about her rat-infested sleeping conditions and frequent hunger pains. Her smile widened when Jessica told her about the ministry’s upcoming music classes.

Then Veronica remembered all the realities that stood in her way, and hope vanished from her eyes.

Seeing the teenager’s countenance darken, Jessica explained that God has made every human being with dignity and even given every person unique talents—and that through Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, she can find forgiveness and hope for a future. Veronica listened and nodded.

The following day Jessica shared the gospel again with Veronica, who seemed even more discouraged than before. Jessica felt compelled to pray over her. Three days later, the news came: Veronica had died of cardiac arrest during a drug-induced fight.

Jessica had become accustomed to stories of this sort. It’s why she weaves the gospel into every interaction.

“Because we don’t know if we will ever see these kids again, we have to use every opportunity to point them to Christ,” Jessica said.

ABWE missionaries around the world, like Jessica, share this recognition that every person’s days are numbered (Psalm 90:12). That’s why they strive to bring the good news of Jesus to the lost and unreached among all the nations—and make their own lives count for eternity, too.

Every Moment Matters

The Global Gospel Fund provides missionaries with vital training, logistical support, and leadership. This service allows them to focus on their tireless evangelistic labors—so that no opportunity is missed and people like Veronica have the chance to embrace God’s saving love before their days on earth are over.


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