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Missions and the Need for Deeper Women

Many women’s resources are shallow—“you’re beautiful,” “you’re loved.” Karen Swallow Prior and Anne Kennedy explain the dangerous cost for mission.

Missions and the Need for Deeper Women: Karen Swallow Prior and Anne Kennedy

Across the Internet—the place where many missionaries away from home get much of their theology and encouragement—there is a critical drought of deep-thinking resources for women. Many of the women’s resources simply play to one’s emotions or repackage common tropes like “you are loved” or “you are beautiful.” How can we make sure that we are helping women deepen in their faith, their view of culture, and their heart for the local church—so that they can be more effective on mission?

This week, we followed up with friend of the show Dr. Karen Swallow Prior of Liberty University, prolific author and research fellow with the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, to talk about The Pelican Project, a new resource designed to take evangelical woman deeper. Karen is the author of On Reading Well: Finding the Good Life in Great Books. We also spoke with Anne Kennedy, an MK, active church member, writer for The Pelican Project, and author of Nailed It: 365 Sarcastic Devotions for Angry and Worn-Out People.

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