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Lucy Peabody: The Missions Pioneer You’ve Never Heard of

Most agree that William Carey was the “father” of modern missions, but who was its “mother?” Lucy Peabody may be one such candidate.

Lucy Peabody: The Groundbreaking Pioneer Missionary You’ve Never Heard of

There are lots of names of women who could vie for the title of being a “mother” of the modern missions movement—and Lucy Peabody is certainly one such candidate. This pioneer missionary to India endured the loss of her first husband, mobilized marginalized women across the country to give millions of dollars towards missions, befriended President Taft and the Rockefeller family—and, along the way, founded ABWE and become its first president. How did she do it, and what can we learn from her? That’s what we explore with one of our resident historians here on this episode of the show.

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