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How to Think Like a Missionary

What does missional living look like in urban Detroit? David Doran Jr. answers.

How to Think Like a Missionary: David Doran Jr. on Missional Living

What does it mean to be “missional”? We asked David Doran Jr., church planter in Lincoln Park, Michigan, an urban center in the Detroit metroplex, how thinking like a missionary has helped him reach with the gospel different communities just a stone’s throw from where he himself grew up. The result was a powerful chat about what it means to be on missions, whether overseas or in our own backyards.

David Doran Jr. serves as Lead Pastor of Resurrection Church. Saved at a young age, David grew through the ministry of Inter-City Baptist Church, where his father serves as pastor. After earning his bachelor’s degree, David earned an M.Div. and a Master of Theology from Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Resurrection Church called David as Lead Pastor on July 10, 2016. You can follow him on Twitter.

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