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How Christians Should View Other Religions—and What Is the Southgate Statement?

Dan Strange and a growing group of theologians are concerned about the direction of mainstream missions. Why?

Dan Strange: A Theology of Religions and The Southgate Fellowship

We know missionaries should have a theology of God, the Bible, and salvation—but what does it mean to develop a theology of religions? And what are the bigger problems plaguing evangelical missiology? Dr. Dan Strange, theological director at Oak Hill College and co-chair of The Southgate Fellowship, joins us from London to discuss his new book Their Rock Is Not Like Our Rock: A Theology of Religions, the problem of pluralism, and why his fellowship is pushing back on some emerging trends in missions through its thorough statement of affirmations and denials.

Dan received his Ph.D. from Bristol University, publishing his dissertation The Possibility of Salvation among the Unevangelised (Paternoster, 2000). His speciality is in the area of Christianity’s relationship to other religions. You can follow him on Twitter.

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