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How Can We Prevent Missionary Burnout?

Ministry burnout is real. Effective, preventative member care is part of the solution. Brad Winkler, ABWE’s Director of Member Care, explains how.

How Can We Prevent Missionary Burnout? Brad Winkler Answers

Ministry burnout is real. On the mission field, the pressures are vastly multiplied. Cultural shock, marital strain, poor team dynamics, and temptation all threaten missionaries’ spiritual, mental, and emotional health. Better, more proactive member care is the answer. But how? Brad Winkler, ABWE's director leading member care and prefield ministries, joins us to explain.

As a pastor for 17 years, Brad helped members of his congregation discover their call to missions and now he is doing the same thing on a broader scale. In addition to training our missionaries in fundraising and building prayer partners, Brad also coaches churches through the process of sending and sustaining their missionaries on the mission field.

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