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Fighting Abortion in Ukraine With the Gospel: Holly Friesen Shares

Globally, abortion has killed 1 billion since Roe v. Wade. Ukraine missionary Holly Friesen shares what’s being done overseas to stop it.

Fighting Abortion in Ukraine With the Gospel: Holly Friesen on Medical Missions

According to some stats, Ukraine—in many ways a nominally Christian country—leads the world in per-capita abortions. One in three Ukrainian women has had an abortion, and many women have had upwards of seven abortions each. What is the role of the local church of addressing this genocide of the unborn, both in Europe and at home, and where does the gospel fit in? To answer those questions and share her own journey into medical missions in Eurasia, ABWE missionary Holly Friesen stopped by.

Holly Friesen serves in Odessa, Ukraine. A family nurse practitioner, she serves in Ukrainian church ministry, village clinics, abstinence teaching, and the pro-life ministry and pregnancy care center, with a focus on national partnership and evangelism. You can learn more about the Ukraine team’s ministry here.

Want to learn more about our pregnancy resource centers around the world? Download our special Message Magazine pro-life issue here.

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