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Fearless Leadership in Fearful Days: Charles Smith Speaks

It has never been more tempting for Christians to retreat in fear. Only knowing God as Father can embolden us.

Between global illness, national riots, and the ordinary lump-in-the-throat feeling that often accompanies Christian obedience, the temptations to retreat in fear—or simulate real risk with risk-free alternatives—are plentiful. But this is not the time for cowardice cloaked in carefulness. Now is the time for fearless mission.

This week, Charles Smith of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and For the Church discusses his recent article on the topic and reminds us that the solution to our leadership fears is the fatherly love of God.

Charles Smith serves as Vice President for Institutional Relations at Midwestern Seminary and oversees the offices of Admissions, Institutional Advancement, Alumni, Communications, Student Life and Events, and Center for Church Planting and Partnering. He earned a Business Administration degree from Mississippi College in 2007 and a Master’s of Divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2011, and he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Christian Leadership.

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