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Engaging the Cults With Summer Jaeger

What should every Christian know in engaging Mormons and other cultists? Summer Jaeger explains from her experience.

You may know her from Sheologians, but long before she was “internet famous,” a young Summer Jaeger would spend whole days with her family and friends engaged in street evangelism outside Mormon temples tackling tough apologetic issues and sharing the gospel. Now, as a married, homeschooling mother of four and an avid podcaster, Summer’s perspective on engaging Latter-Day Saints and other cultists is continuing to grow. What should every Christian know about engaging the cults? And what about those of us who don’t feel as though evangelism is their “gift”? We tackle these exciting questions in this episode.

When she’s not cohosting Sheologians, Summer Jaeger is a wife, mom, blogger, active church member, and thoroughgoing Baptist. Follow her on Twitter.

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