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Disciple-Making Movements: A Critical Discussion With Dr. Glenn Sunshine

Are DMM and CPM built on bad theology, or are the critics just quenching the Spirit? Glenn Sunshine offers a counter perspective.

Disciple-Making Movements: A Critical Discussion With Dr. Glenn Sunshine

Disciple-making movements (DMM) and church planting movements (CPM) are more than just buzzwords—they represent controversial methodologies that are dividing missionaries along organization and theological lines. Do these methodologies represent faulty views of conversion or ecclesiology, or are the critics guilty of prayerlessness and quenching the Holy Spirit? We’ve explored these topics in the past on the podcast, but this week, by popular demand, we’ve brought in a strong DMM proponent to help make a positive case: Dr. Glenn Sunshine.

Glenn Sunshine is Professor of History at Central Connecticut State University and a Senior Faculty Member of the Colson Fellows. An award-winning author, Glenn has published books, articles and book chapters on history, theology, and culture, online and on both sides of the Atlantic. His most recent book, The Kingdom Unleashed: How Jesus' 1st-Century Kingdom Values Are Transforming Thousands of Cultures and Awakening His Church, was co-authored with Jerry Trousdale. Glenn has taught a variety of Bible, history, and worldview seminars and courses to churches around the U.S., Europe and Asia, as well as leading church retreats, seminars, and renewal weekends. He is the founder of Every Square Inch Ministries and he & his wife Lynn have been married for over 30 years and have two children. They live in Newington, Connecticut.

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