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A Curvy and Bumpy Road to Missions

God can use anything for his glory—even the unlikely talents of blowing up balloon animals and juggling.
“Thirty years ago, someone started praying and that’s why I’m here.”

Jason attributes his partnering with ABWE as a missionary to his mother’s persistent prayer life while he was still in her womb. His father wasn’t a believer, but his mother earnestly desired Jason to follow Christ like she had.

Growing up in a spiritually divided household, Jason says he observed the dichotomy of light illuminating his mother and darkness swallowing his father. He trusted Christ as his savior as a young boy and participated in his church’s youth ministry. With the help of YouTube, Jason taught himself how to juggle and create balloon animals. This quickly developed into a passion, one which his youth pastor advised him to pursue for the Lord’s kingdom.

Katy’s father was a preacher, and so she knew the Bible forward and backward ever since she was a child. She met Jason at a local Bible study. By then, Jason’s juggling and balloon talents had evolved into a part-time job, and so Katy stepped in to be his manager. They were married just over a year later.

Eventually, Jason’s entertainment business transitioned into a full-time career, and so they traveled the area performing shows. Jason began incorporating comedy into his routine, but he noticed a deepening sense of despair as the shows progressed. Despite the many laughs, each show left him feeling hollower than before.

“I couldn’t give the audiences emptiness and just let them walk away without hearing the truth,” Jason said.

It was an arduous eight years. Katy had experienced four miscarriages, burying her in the darkest hours of her life. But light broke through when she was able to mentor other ladies who had undergone similar circumstances. The Lord also blessed Jason and Katy with four children. They will be partnering with ABWE’s Good Soil ministry, using an RV and Jason’s talents of entertainment to encourage audiences to share the gospel with others.

Editor’s Note: Learn more about the Hollands’ ministry here.

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