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Can Soldiers Become Missionaries?

Military servicemen already serve in hard places. What if they brought the gospel with them? Rich Culp answers a controversial question.

Can Soldiers Become Missionaries? Rich Culp on Military Ministry

Our soldiers are already deployed to some of the hardest places in the world and learn foreign languages and important cross-cultural skills. What if they carried the gospel to the people around them? This week, ABWE North America missionary Rich Culp explains the pros and cons of the strategy and why oftentimes U.S. military personnel are the real mission field.

Rich leads the Centurion Project, a part of EveryEthnē that exists to network and empower churches to support and strengthen military leaders in their mission and the Great Commission. Rich and his wife Jenny network with about 100 churches around Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Support the Culps’ ministry.

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