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The Biblical Way to Raise Support During Financial Crisis

Funding ministries has always been hard, but asking for help right now feels wrong. What should missionaries do?

Let’s admit it: ministry depends on money. But ministry partnership development, deputation, or raising missionary support were already hard enough. Now, with global economic shutdown and mass layoffs, making the “ask” feels wrong. How can missionaries connect with partners and churches and maintain funding in a way that is good, decent, and biblical? Jason Ruch explains.

Jason is Director of Infrastructure for Cru’s U.S. National Ministry Partner Development Team. He has served with Cru for 19 years and has trained and coached missionaries to invite others to join them in God's work by praying and giving financial support since 2007. He and his wife Erika live in the Minneapolis area with their three sons and have been members of Bethlehem Baptist Church since 2001.

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