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Are Honor and Shame the Keys to Cross-Cultural Evangelism?

Many modern missions experts say that the West focuses too much on a gospel of guilt and innocence. Are they right?

Are Honor and Shame the Keys to Cross-Cultural Evangelism?

In the West, we tend to think in terms of law, justice, guilt, and innocence. Our gospel presentation naturally picks up this flavor. But in many Eastern cultures, honor and shame are the dominant values—and in tribal contexts, it’s fear and power that take center stage. Has the Western church focused too much on a “legal” gospel and missed out on critical components of the biblical message? And if so, how do we avoid overcompensating and leaving out critical parts of the gospel such as the doctrine of justification?

This week, Scott Dunford and Alex Kocman interact with the core ideas from books like Rolland Muller’s Honor and Shame: Unlocking the Door (2001) and discuss the advantages and biblical dangers surrounding the cultural lenses of guilt and innocence, honor and shame, and fear and power.

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