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Adoption, Foster Care, and Missions: Dan Dumas Explains the Connections

What do adoption and foster care have to do with global missions? Dan Dumas unpacks why mercy ministry matters for missions.

Dan Dumas on Adoption, Foster Care, and Missions

We're commanded to disciple all the nations. We are also told to care for the orphan and fatherless. What do adoption and foster care have to do with global missions? Is mercy ministry a distraction to world evangelism? Dan Dumas answers.

At the time of this recording, Dan served as Special Advisor for Foster Care and Adoption to Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin. Dan is also a teaching pastor and elder at Crossing Church in Louisville, KY. He is passionate about all things leadership, adoption, expository preaching, and biblical manhood. He is the author of Live Smart, the co-author of A Guide to Biblical Manhood and the editor of A Guide to Expository Ministry. Dumas served as a Senior Vice President at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary from 2007-2017 and currently also serves as a special advisor to the president, Dr. Albert Mohler, and as a faculty member. Dan actively writes on leadership and preaching at his blog and provides a variety of coaching and consulting for businesses, churches, and their leaders.

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