2018 Giving Catalog - Message

24-Hour DEMO

Recruit and mobilize a new missionary

The journey to the mission field can be daunting when you don’t know where to start. The 24-Hour DEMO introduces those interested in pursuing missions to the team of leaders and the host of resources available to those who choose to go with ABWE as their sending agency.

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International Healthcare Ministries

Support medical missions and missionaries

International Healthcare Ministries (IHM) operates as a lifeline to our missionaries serving around the world, administering medical care, recruiting staff for our hospitals, and mobilizing medical professionals who are considering using their skills to not only heal people physically but also grow them spiritually.

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Member Care Ministries

Care for missionaries physical and spiritual needs

Member Care not only strives to provide care in times of crisis for our missionaries, but also works proactively to prevent it. Through a host of services, including wellness visits, access to retreats and other resources, and care for everyone from our youngest MKs to our senior ambassadors, Member Care seeks to promote spiritually healthy souls in each of our missionaries.

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MK Care Ministries

Care for a missionary kid transitioning to or from the field

One of the many branches of Member Care, MK Ministries is all about working with the whole family, supporting them through their journey to missions by ministering directly to the kids, providing educational and parenting resources, and discipleship and mentorship opportunities for MKs who have returned to the States for school.

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Global Gospel Fund

Support all 1,000 missionaries

For $80 a month, you can help enable over 70 experts and professionals to provide leadership, critical services, strategy and care to the entire mission family. You also support a network of more than 1,000 missionaries with 40-plus benefits and services, such as financial management, training, and security.

We believe Global Gospel Partners are critical in helping us multiply our impact and ability to reach the world for Jesus Christ. Join us as we grow a generous community of givers who want to see huge gains in the fulfillment of the Great Commission, in our lifetime.

Together, we can fulfill our prayerful vision to do greater things in the work of the Great Commission.

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