Memorial Christian Hospital Renewal Project

Total need
Amount funded
$6,850,000.00 Funded

After nearly 50 years of heavy use, Memorial Christian Hospital’s (MCH) facility and infrastructure have been strained to the breaking point. This has led to an increasingly inefficient work environment and compromises in patient safety and privacy. In light of these challenges, the MCH medical staff began to talk and pray about “renewing” MCH — starting with spiritual renewal — and extending to bricks-and-mortar facility renewal.

Consultants examining MCH’s ministry strategy, operations, and the project's feasibility observed that MCH’s outreach has remained remarkably effective and that its reputation for quality care was superb, despite a woefully inadequate facility, affirming the necessity of a new facility.

View photos of the MCH Renewal Project construction site


Plans are underway create a hospital that will not only continue current life-saving services, but will increase capacity as well as ancillary departments that were not previously included. These include:

  • 130-bed multi-level medical center (125,000 sq. ft. with +80% of the old facility being preserved for administrative and non-clinical functions), with shell space for an additional 35 beds
  • 10-bed ICU, 7-room OR suite, 10-bed PACU, OB wing, private rooms, ER and trauma services
  • Improved outpatient clinic space — roughly tripled to enable care for more than 300 outpatients daily, greatly expanded capability to support satellite clinics.

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