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Adult Short-Term

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Adult Short-Term

Endless opportunities are available for vocational ministry trips through ABWE’s Adult Short-Term missions program! Whether you are a nurse, educator, computer technician, pastor, engineer, etc., you can be used to the fullest in cross-cultural service as a part of our global missions team.

Short-Term Field Prep

If you plan to serve as an Adult Short-Termer for six months or more, you are required to attend the Adult Short-Term Field Preparation Seminar. You will be introduced to ABWE, the organization and our global family, and you will receive invaluable training that will enable you to have an effective assistant missionary ministry.

What are the Qualifications?

Testimony. Applicants for the Short-Term Field Preparation Seminar must show evidence that they have had a salvation experience and reflect the essential characteristics of a Christian as found in Acts 11:24 — a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and faith, and leads others to Christ.

Citizenship. Citizenship must be of the USA or Canada, regardless of ethnic or national background. Legal immigrants (alien residents) who have resided at least four years in the USA or Canada and have applied for citizenship are also eligible.

Doctrine and Core Values. As we follow a Biblical model and strive for team unity, it is important that all Short-Term Field Preparation Seminar applicants be committed to the Baptist distinctives and be in complete agreement with ABWE’s doctrinal statement as well as the principles and practices outlined in our Missionary Handbook and Policy Manual

Church Membership. ABWE is committed to the local church and your membership in a church is imperative. We partner with churches whose doctrinal position and practice are compatible with that of ABWE’s. Approved partners include Baptist churches, Bible churches, and unaffiliated churches (i.e. Grace Community Church).

Background Check. ABWE requires that all applicants have a background check. This requirement is one way ABWE is working to protect children and prevent child abuse. The screening will include a Social Security validation and criminal background check. A credit check is also run in order to make sure that churches and individuals who support ABWE missionaries are supporting missionaries who are good stewards of the funds that people sacrificially give.

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